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Ovo izdanje od 3 vinila je kolekcija ikona rock and roll muzike: Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis i Bill Haley & His Coments.<\/strong><\/p>","tracklist_sr":"

LP 1:<\/h3>\r\n

A1<\/em> ELVIS PRESLEY - Jailhouse rock
A2<\/em> ELVIS PRESLEY - All shook up
A3<\/em> ELVIS PRESLEY - Hound dog
A4<\/em> ELVIS PRESLEY - King Creole
A5<\/em> ELVIS PRESLEY - Blue suede shoes
A6<\/em> ELVIS PRESLEY - Let me be your teddy bear
A7<\/em> ELVIS PRESLEY - Don't be cruel
A8<\/em> ELVIS PRESLEY - Heartbreak hotel<\/p>\r\n

B1<\/em> LITTLE RICHARD - Long tall Sally
B2<\/em> LITTLE RICHARD -Tutti frutti
B3<\/em> LITTLE RICHARD - Keep a knockin'
B4<\/em> LITTLE RICHARD - Jenny, Jenny
B5<\/em> LITTLE RICHARD - Good golly miss Molly
B6<\/em> LITTLE RICHARD - Lucille
B7<\/em> LITTLE RICHARD - The girl can't help it
B8<\/em> LITTLE RICHARD - Rip it up<\/p>\r\n

LP 2:<\/h3>\r\n

C1<\/em> CHUCK BERRY - Rock and roll music
C2<\/em> CHUCK BERRY - Roll over Beethoven
C3<\/em> CHUCK BERRY -School day (ring, ring goes the bell)
C4<\/em> CHUCK BERRY - Maybellene
C5<\/em> CHUCK BERRY - Johnny B Goode
C6<\/em> CHUCK BERRY - Back in the U S A
C7<\/em> CHUCK BERRY - Too much monkey business
C8<\/em> CHUCK BERRY - Sweet little sixteen<\/p>\r\n

D1<\/em> GENE VINCENT - Be bop a lula
D2<\/em> GENE VINCENT - Race with the devil
D3<\/em> GENE VINCENT - Wild cat
D4<\/em> GENE VINCENT - She she little Sheila
D5<\/em> GENE VINCENT - Pistol packin' mama
D6<\/em> GENE VINCENT - Blue jean bop
D7<\/em> GENE VINCENT - Say mama
D8<\/em> GENE VINCENT - Lotta lovin'<\/p>\r\n

LP 3:<\/h3>\r\n

E1 JERRY LEE LEWIS - Great balls of fire
E2 JERRY LEE LEWIS - Whole lotta shakin' goin' on
E3 JERRY LEE LEWIS - Breathless
E4<\/em> JERRY LEE LEWIS- High school confidential
E5<\/em> JERRY LEE LEWIS - You win again
E6<\/em> JERRY LEE LEWIS - What'd I say
E7<\/em> JERRY LEE LEWIS - Lovin' up a storm
E8<\/em> JERRY LEE LEWIS - Down the line<\/p>\r\n

F1<\/em> BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS - Rock around the clock
F2<\/em> BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS - Shake, rattle & roll
F3<\/em> BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS - Rockin' thru the rye
F4<\/em> BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS - Don't knock the rock
F5<\/em> BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS -The saints rock 'n' roll
F6<\/em> BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS - Razzle dazzle
F7<\/em> BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS - Rock-a-beatin' boogie
F8<\/em> BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS - See you later alligator<\/p>","mfg_date":"1531173600","exp_date":"0","active":"1","min_qty":"0","created":"1530786020","lastmodified":"1540212949","old_id":"0","label_sr":"Bellevue","pack_sr":"LP box","product_packaging_id":"4","edition_sr":"","pdf":"","promo_price":"0","new":"0","sale":"0","can_order":"1","can_preorder":"0","is_signed":"0","promo_text_sr":"","highlighted":"0","youtube_id":"","release_date":"0","loyalty":"1","fb_shop":"1"}},"full_prices":{"7705":"3599"},"unit_prices":{"7705":"3599"},"promo_prices":[],"prices":{"7705":3599},"display_prices":{"7705":3599},"productCount":1,"itemCount":1,"action_gift":false,"action_id":0,"action_type":"","on_discount":[],"action_regular":0,"action_price":0,"action_prices":[],"action_products":[],"all_action_products":[],"total_sum":3599,"total":3599,"earned_points":0,"points_discount_percent":0,"points":0,"max_points":0,"points_order_ids":[],"points_applied_products":[],"coupon_applied_products":[],"coupon_product_diffs":[],"coupon_sum":0,"coupon_diff":0,"coupon_code":"","coupon_discount_type":"","coupon_discount":0,"free_product_id":"","shipping_price":0,"formatted_values":{"total":"3.599,00","total_sum":"3.599,00","shipping_price":"0,00"},"currency":"rsd","shipping_group_id":1,"formattedPrice":"3.599,00"},"newHref":"https:\/\/www.mascom.rs\/sr\/urlkey-remove-from-cart.2442.html?id=7705","output":"