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Na ovom izdnju se nalaze najve\u0107i hitovi 80-tih godina. U saradnji sa Absolute 80s radio stanicom napravljeno je ovo izdanje koje sadr\u017ei 3 CD-a najboljih hitova i njihovih izvo\u0111a\u010da poput  Cyndi Lauper, Fleetwood Mac, U2, Human League and Spandau Ballet. Marvin Gaye, Sade and Chaka Khan bring the mellow Soul grooves along with Massive 80s Power Ballads from The Cars, Foreigner i T’Pau.<\/p>\r\n

Sedite, opustite se i u\u017eivajte u Absolute 80s Unwind.<\/strong><\/p>\r\n


CD 1<\/h3>\r\n

1. Time After Time<\/p>\r\n

     by Cyndi Lauper<\/em>
2. True<\/p>\r\n

     by Spandau Ballet<\/em>
3. Africa<\/p>\r\n

     by Toto<\/em>
4. Bette Davis Eyes (Radio Edit) [1997 Remastered Version]<\/p>\r\n

     by Kim Carnes<\/em>
5. Little Lies<\/p>\r\n

    by Fleetwood Mac<\/em>
6. Save a Prayer<\/p>\r\n

     by Duran Duran<\/em>
7. Wonderful Life (Single Verison)<\/p>\r\n

     by Black<\/em>
8. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)<\/p>\r\n

     by Paul Young<\/em>
9. Hunting High and Low<\/p>\r\n

      by A-Ha<\/em>
10. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me<\/p>\r\n

      by Culture Club<\/em>
11. Human (Edit)<\/p>\r\n

      by the Human League<\/em>
12. Belfast Child (2013 Remastered Version) <\/p>\r\n

       by Simple Minds<\/em>
13. What's Love Got to Do with It<\/p>\r\n

       by Tina Turner<\/em>
14. Total Eclipse of the Heart<\/p>\r\n

      by Bonnie Tyler<\/em>
15. If You Don't Know Me By Now<\/p>\r\n

      by Simply Red<\/em>
16. Don't Know Much (Feat. Aaron Neville)<\/p>\r\n

       by Linda Ronstadt<\/em>
17. This Woman's Work<\/p>\r\n

       by Kate Bush<\/em>
18. Love Changes (Everything)<\/p>\r\n

       by Climie Fisher<\/em>
19. The Power of Love<\/p>\r\n

      by Frankie Goes to Hollywood<\/em><\/p>\r\n

CD 2<\/h3>\r\n

1. With or Without You<\/p>\r\n

    by U2<\/em>
2. Eternal Flame<\/p>\r\n

    by Bangles<\/em>
3. Sexual Healing<\/p>\r\n

    by Marvin Gaye<\/em>
4. Avalon (2012 Remastered Version)<\/p>\r\n

     by Roxy Music<\/em>
5. Higher Love -<\/p>\r\n

    by Steve Winwood<\/em>
6. Sign Your Name<\/p>\r\n

    by Terence Trent D'arby<\/em>
7. Nightshift<\/p>\r\n

     by Commodores<\/em>
8. Smooth Operator<\/p>\r\n

     by Sade<\/em>
9. Ain't Nobody<\/p>\r\n

      by Chaka Khan<\/em>
10. Too Shy<\/p>\r\n

      by Kajagoogoo<\/em>
11. What Is Love?<\/p>\r\n

      by Howard Jones<\/em>
12. Move Closer<\/p>\r\n

      by Phyllis Nelson<\/em>
13. Hold Me Now<\/p>\r\n

      by Thompson Twins<\/em>
14. Kokomo<\/p>\r\n

      by the Beach Boys<\/em>
15. Glory of Love<\/p>\r\n

      by Peter Cetera<\/em>
16. Down Under<\/p>\r\n

      by Men at Work<\/em>
17. Forever Young<\/p>\r\n

       by Alphaville<\/em>
18. Souvenir (2003 Remastered Version)<\/p>\r\n

      by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark<\/em>
19. On the Beach<\/p>\r\n

      by Chris Rea<\/em><\/p>\r\n

CD 3<\/h3>\r\n

1. Drive<\/p>\r\n

    by the Cars<\/em>
2. China in Your Hand<\/p>\r\n

    by T'pau<\/em>
3. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now<\/p>\r\n

    by Starship<\/em>
4. I Want to Know What Love Is<\/p>\r\n

    by Foreigner<\/em>
5. The Power of Love<\/p>\r\n

    by Jennifer Rush<\/em>
6. Listen to Your Heart<\/p>\r\n

    by Roxette<\/em>
7. Don't Dream It's Over<\/p>\r\n

    by Crowded House<\/em>
8. All Out of Love<\/p>\r\n

     by Air Supply<\/em>
9. Toy Soldiers (Single Version)<\/p>\r\n

      by Martika<\/em>
10. Dignity<\/p>\r\n

      by Deacon Blue<\/em>
11. Hymn to Her<\/p>\r\n

      by Pretenders<\/em>
12. I Don't Want to Talk About It<\/p>\r\n

      by Everything But the Girl<\/em>
13. Life in a Northern Town<\/p>\r\n

       by the Dream Academy<\/em>
14. It's My Life<\/p>\r\n

      by Talk Talk<\/em>
15. The Killing Moon<\/p>\r\n

      by Echo and the Bunnymen<\/em>
16. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) [Live]<\/p>\r\n

      by Talking Heads<\/em>
17. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (2008 Remastered Version)<\/p>\r\n

      by the Smiths<\/em>
18. Golden Brown<\/p>\r\n

      by the Stranglers<\/em>
19. Lullaby<\/p>\r\n

      by the Cure<\/em><\/p>","mfg_date":"1529445600","exp_date":"0","active":"1","min_qty":"0","created":"1529140789","lastmodified":"1529580235","old_id":"0","label_sr":"Warner","pack_sr":"3CD","product_packaging_id":"3","edition_sr":"","pdf":"","promo_price":"0","new":"0","sale":"0","can_order":"1","can_preorder":"0","is_signed":"0","promo_text_sr":"","highlighted":"0","youtube_id":"","release_date":"0","loyalty":"1","fb_shop":"1"}},"full_prices":{"7556":"999"},"unit_prices":{"7556":"999"},"promo_prices":[],"prices":{"7556":999},"display_prices":{"7556":999},"productCount":1,"itemCount":1,"action_gift":false,"action_id":0,"action_type":"","on_discount":[],"action_regular":0,"action_price":0,"action_prices":[],"action_products":[],"all_action_products":[],"total_sum":999,"total":999,"earned_points":0,"points_discount_percent":0,"points":0,"max_points":0,"points_order_ids":[],"points_applied_products":[],"coupon_applied_products":[],"coupon_product_diffs":[],"coupon_sum":0,"coupon_diff":0,"coupon_code":"","coupon_discount_type":"","coupon_discount":0,"free_product_id":"","shipping_price":0,"formatted_values":{"total":"999,00","total_sum":"999,00","shipping_price":"0,00"},"currency":"rsd","shipping_group_id":1,"formattedPrice":"999,00"},"newHref":"https:\/\/www.mascom.rs\/sr\/urlkey-remove-from-cart.2442.html?id=7556","output":"