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Disc: 1
1. Just a Little More Love
2. Love Don't Let Me Go
3. Give Me Something
4. You
5. Can't U Feel the Change
6. It's Allright
7. People Come People Go
8. Sexy
9. Atomic Food
10. 133
11. Distortion
12. You Are the Music
13. Lately
Disc: 2
1. Money (Radio Edit) (Feat. Chris Willis & Mone)
2. Stay (Feat. Chris Willis)
3. The World Is Mine (Feat. JD Davis)
4. Used to Be the One (Feat. Chris Willis)
5. Time (Feat. Chris Willis)
6. Open Your Eyes (Feat. Stereo MCs)
8. In Love With Myself (Feat. JD Davis)
9. Higher (Feat. Chris Willis)
10. Movement Girl (Feat. James Perry)
11. Get Up (Feat. Chris Willis)
12. Last Train (Feat. Miss Thing)
Disc: 3
1. Baby When the Light (David Guetta With Steve Angello Feat. Cozi)
2. Love Is Gone (Original Mix) (David Guetta & Chris Willis)
3. Everytime We Touch (David Guetta & Chris Willis With Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso)
4. Delirious (David Guetta Feat. Tara Mc Donald)
5. Tomorrow Can Wait (David Guetta & Chris Willis Vs Tocadisco)
6. Winner of the Game (David Guetta Feat. JD Davis)
7. Do Something Love (David Guetta Feat. Juliet)
8. You're Not Alone (David Guetta Feat. Tara Mc Donald)
9. Never Take Away My Freedom (David Guetta & Chris Willis)
10. This Is Not a Love Song (David Guetta Feat. JD Davis)
11. Always (David Guetta Feat. JD Davis)
12. Joan of Arc (David Guetta Feat. Thailand)
13. Love Is Gone (David Guetta & Chris Willis - Fred Rister & Joachim Garraud - Radio Edit RMX)
Disc: 4
1. When Love Takes Over (Electro Extended Version) (Feat. Kelly Rowland)
2. Sexy Bitch (Club Version Mixee) (Feat. Akon)
3. Memories (Feat. Kid Cudi)
4. I Wanna Go Crazy (Extended Version Mixee) (Feat. Will.i.am)
5. I Gotta Feeling (FMIF Remix Edit) (Feat. Black Eyed Peas)
6. Choose (Feat. Ne-Yo and Kelly Rowland)
7. One the Dancefloor (Extended) (Feat. Will.I.Am & APL DE AP)
8. Missing You (Club New Version Mixee) (Feat. Novel)
9. Gettin' Over You (Club Version) (Feat. Chris Willis)
10. It's the Way You Love Me (Final Version Mixee) (Feat. Kelly Rowland)
11. One Love (Extended Version Mixee) (Feat. Estelle)
12. It's Your Life (Feat. Chris Willis)
13. Sound of Letting Go (David Guetta & Tocadisco Feat. Chris Willis)
14. I Need You Now (David Guetta & Laidback Luke Feat. Samantha Jade)
15. How Soon Is Now (David Guetta, Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South Feat. Julie McKnight)
16. Toyfriend (Feat. Wynter Gordon)
Disc: 5
1. When Love Takes Over (Feat. Kelly Rowland)
2. Gettin' Over You (Feat. Chris Willis, Fergie & LMFAO)
3. Sexy Bitch (Feat. Akon)
4. Memories (Feat. Kid Cudi)
5. One the Dancefloor (Feat. Will.I.Am & APL DE AP)
6. Who's That Chick? (Feat. Rihanna)
7. It's the Way You Love Me (Feat. Kelly Rowland)
8. Missing You (Feat. Novel)
9. Choose (Feat. Ne-Yo and Kelly Rowland)
10. How Soon Is Now (David Guetta, Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South Feat. Julie McKnight)
11. I Gotta Feeling (FMIF Remix Edit) (Feat. Black Eyed Peas)
12. One Love (Feat. Estelle)
13. I Wanna Go Crazy (Feat. Will.i.am)
14. Sound of Letting Go (David Guetta & Tocadisco Feat. Chris Willis)
15. Toyfriend (David Guetta & Afrojack Feat. Wynter Gordon)
16. If We Ever (Feat. Makeba)<\/p>","mfg_date":"1388530800","exp_date":"0","active":"1","min_qty":"0","created":"1414706493","lastmodified":"1517217621","old_id":"2690","label_sr":"Parlophone","pack_sr":"5 CD","product_packaging_id":"3","edition_sr":"","pdf":"","promo_price":"0","new":"0","sale":"0","can_order":"1","can_preorder":"0","is_signed":"0","promo_text_sr":"","highlighted":"0","youtube_id":"","release_date":"0","loyalty":"1","fb_shop":"1"}},"full_prices":{"2261":"1699"},"unit_prices":{"2261":"1699"},"promo_prices":[],"prices":{"2261":1699},"display_prices":{"2261":1699},"productCount":1,"itemCount":1,"action_gift":false,"action_id":0,"action_type":"","on_discount":[],"action_regular":0,"action_price":0,"action_prices":[],"action_products":[],"all_action_products":[],"total_sum":1699,"total":1699,"earned_points":0,"points_discount_percent":0,"points":0,"max_points":0,"points_order_ids":[],"points_applied_products":[],"coupon_applied_products":[],"coupon_product_diffs":[],"coupon_sum":0,"coupon_diff":0,"coupon_code":"","coupon_discount_type":"","coupon_discount":0,"free_product_id":"","shipping_price":0,"formatted_values":{"total":"1.699,00","total_sum":"1.699,00","shipping_price":"0,00"},"currency":"rsd","shipping_group_id":1,"formattedPrice":"1.699,00"},"newHref":"https:\/\/www.mascom.rs\/sr\/urlkey-remove-from-cart.2442.html?id=2261","output":"

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