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Mascom Records is record label and exclusive yearslong partner of Warner Music Group, one of the world's most prominent companies in the industry.

Through its sublabels (Automatik, Tilt and Arhiva), Mascom Records collaborates with music talents of different genres: pop, hip hop, alternative and ethnic music.

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Mascom Publishing is a young and ambitious publishing house that continually shifts perspective and tries to look at things from a different angle, providing its audience a new way to enjoy the traditional medium of book. Our publications provide the reader with the ultimate aesthetic experience.

Whether we represent classics such as Duško Radović and Miloš Crnjanski, or contemporary authors like Gorica Nešović and Dule Nedeljković, we do it in our own way.

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Tin Drum Music is a company specialized in the marketing and administration of music copyrights and related rights. TDM exclusively represents many companies and catalogs, among which the most important is Warner/Chappell Music. TDM catalog contains over two million compositions, including the greatest names in the history of pop music, from Cole Porter to Madonna and Timbaland.

TDM cooperate closely with clients who use music in their projects. Our creative services are used by TV and radio broadcasters, film producers, theaters, advertising agencies and many others...

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Supermiš is a company that is engaged in the production of audio-visual content. Currently Supermiš produces program "Awakening" which is broadcasted on the first channel of Radio Belgrade and Morning Program on RTS. Awakening is edited and hosted by Gorica Nesovic and Dragan Ilic, the most popular hosts couple in the region.

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Mascom Store is an online store specialized in music and books with the largest assortment of original music releases at the best prices. Mascom Store does not charge delivery costs, which makes internet shopping experience even more pleasant.

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Record Label based in London. Specialist in Eastern European Jazz, Fresh New Sounds, Down Beat and Dance music.

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